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Our retail partners in Ireland keep a permanent stock of the products and applications outlined in main brochures. You may find several other interesting products there on wood preservation, the stunning “Airfresh Paint” which eliminates smells, bacteria and residues out of the room air, or our wide range of Cleaning, Care and Maintenance products.

The touches and shades of various applications for walls, floors or furniture are demonstrated by many wooden displays. Stockists are providing Colour tone books with 160 colour mixes of wall paint – the real paints on sheets of wallpaper. Web images cannot demonstrate the outstanding and vibrant effects of natural earthen and plant pigments – a strong case to the support of local retailers!

Colour Tone Books for auro natural paint

Two Colour Tone books with 170 shades can be rented from our stockists to allow for the inspection under the light conditions of the customer.

We are very pleased that McCann & Byrne Ltd., once of Ireland’s leading
Ecological building suppliers, are the new importers and distributors for Auro
to achieve the strongest presentation to the Irish building / construction market.

Ecological Building Systems
Main Street, Athboy, Co. Meath
Tel +353 46 9432104 Fax +353 46 9432435

As technical specialist since Auro’s foundation in 1983 Healthbuild will go on to provide dedicated support to Auro customers in the wider Northwest and Eastcoast area – covering demanding applications such as walls/colour mixing, external applications, floors etc.
The regularily expanding range of Auro’s lime products is addressed by Ecological Building Systems exclusively as this forms part of their natural wall solutions such as airtightness, natural insulation & climate boards.

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