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Dormiente Selection

dormiente, natural orthopaedic  mattress supplier

Dormiente offer the optimum in everything that a healthy sleep could possibly require. Their mattresses offer support for the spinal column by adjusting to the shape of the body form in all sleeping positions in such a way that there is no pressure load on the inter-vertebral disks – the moveable connections in the spinal column. The 100% natural latex used as the basis of the mattress is the best material to use for this purpose because of its perfect elasticity of points which cannot be matched by any metal spring core or synthetic foam, regardless of its apparent technology.


Dormiente: Outstanding Luxury of Covers

We are committed to 100% natural latex, avoiding the irritating (solvent) smells of lesser quality latex (up to 95% natural) used by competitors claiming on “natural” credentials.

natural mattress from latex with covers from organic cotton and wool

The 100% cold processed natural latex is used in various thickness’s and in combination with other suitable natural materials such as organically approved cotton, pure new merino wool, kapok, camel hair and horse hair (from the tail and mane) a warm, breathable and cosy sleeping environment is created. Everybody gives off moisture during sleep – usually up to 750 ml of water each night. By using these materials draped with pure cotton, this water vapour can be very efficiently absorbed, is allowed to dissipate rapidly and breath out fully.

supporting mattress from natural materials, orthopaedic mattress


Relaxation with electro-biological neutrality

Because we want you to wake up feeling relaxed, we do not use any metal parts in our mattresses, such as springs. This is why our mattresses are electro-biologically neutral. Metal-springs in mattresses can not only interfere with electro-magnetic fields but can even create their own.

These fields can negatively impact on your body’s immune system by putting your body under permanent stress. Even very small electro-magnetic fields can interfere with the highly sensitive processes in your brain which works with low electronic impulses. If you are continuously exposed to such fields you may experience problems such as insomnia, headaches, tensions and even night sweats.

Mattresses with metal-springs act similar to antennas: if your mattress is placed close to a piece of electronic equipment it not only can connect to the apparatus but can also spread the voltage throughout the mattress. This essentially turns your mattress into an antenna. Research has shown that the level of voltage measured in metal-sprung mattresses isoften far too high. Under those ‘highly charged’circumstances your body finds it almost impossible to truly relax.

We refuse to use metal in our mattresses because we feel you have a right to relaxed and healthy sleep.


For Allergy Sufferers

A significant part of our work in respect of healthy sleeping is concerned with the topic of allergies. Currently a good 20% of our population is affected – directly or indirectly – by allergies. Please have a look at the full catalogue where the needs of allergy sufferers are addressed: Duvets, Pads, Pillows, in general the washable mattress covers retaining luxurious comfort.

orthopaedic mattresses, organic duvets,pillows and mattress covers from organic cotton for allergy sufferers.


Dormiente Manufacturing

All the natural materials are checked regularly for up to 530 environmentally harmful materials. Results are published, and an official test mark is carried on each manufactured mattress. Independent German Institutes like “Stiftung Warentest” and “Öko – Test” regularly test and award quality prizes to Dormiente products.

Dormiente believe that all of the above natural properties result in providing the perfect conditions that facilitate the maximum regeneration of your body (and mind) while you sleep.

orthopaedic mattress suitable for allergy sufferers, made from natural materials

Dormiente also offer a wide range of pillows, duvets and bed furniture:

Dormiente Full Catalogue 2022(pdf, 8 MB)

Dormiente Price List 2022 (pdf: 3mb)


dormiente orthopaedic mattress showroomShowrooms

We are pleased that we can offer the dormiente excellence close to prices established at the German market. Instead of investing into luxurious showrooms, we prefer advisory work with smaller displays. It is very feasible to present the wide range of mattresses, slatted frames and pillows: complete orthopaedic solutions in this way, focussing on individual advice by appointment.


Please call us for assistance / guidance on the wide range of mattresses/covers presented at the catalogue. - Or for an appointment to test the comfort and orthopaedic excellence of Dormiente mattresses.

The Healthbuild Studio, Collinsford, Drumcliffe, Sligo F91E190
Tel. 085-7704331 (Wilhelm) or 087-9533146 (John)


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