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Biologa, mobile phone and electricity smog protection  

Electrosmog Protection

The topic of electrosmog and sensitivity to alternating electrical currents cannot be treated casually. Since decades medical literature has established that a part of the population is more sensitive to electric, magnetic and affecting human’s body. To reduce or to eliminate these irritations it could be sufficient to measure fields and improve the dwelling with respect to electro installation, shielding, position of bed, office place etc.

Healthbuild provides metering services identifying AC/DC electric and magnetic fields from cables, electrical installations, power lines to indoor areas such as carpets, vinyl varnishes, computer screens... We are guided by the Institute of Building Biology, Neubeuern/Germany and their policy on

Standard of Building Biology Testing Methods (pdf, 58 KB)

a lecture on Building Biology of Wolfgang Maes, Los Angeles 1990
“Stress from Current and Radiation” (pdf, 199 KB)

Health Risks of Mobile Phone Radiation

The shift from analog cordless telephone to digital cordless telephone and communication systems since 1992 show a strong intention of the European communication industry to transfer communication from fixed wire to wireless systems. The core of these commercial developments is on larger networks of wireless telephone communication: GSM signal is at 900 MHz (original mobile phone power) and since 2002 UMTS transmits at 1900 to 2100 MHz. People that are living beside or in front of aerial installations at these newer frequencies experience the difference in the increase in that the new higher frequency penetrate more into buildings. Beside these the short distance systems of DECT, WLAN and Bluetooth have been established.

Examinations and high demands are established on the interference to and protection of areas like electronic data processing, safety of interception (of sensitive data), medical equipment like intensive care units or life supporting systems and other technical equipment. The protection of human beings seems to be ignored.

biologa bed canopy

Microwaves behave in a similar way as light, which can be mirrored by materials (reflection) or penetrate them (transmission) (eg walls and glass). Here shielding systems and materials are well established by the industry. Healthbuild wishes to advise on protection measurements, shielding materials, advice on bedroom protection, with services provided by main European specialist biologa (www.biologa.de) we are offering biologa biologa-analyzerproducts at German retail prices,

For surveys and consultations please contact Wilhelm Bodewigs at 085-7704331

Healthbuild offers high frequency metering services to detect and advise on mobile phone smog (GSM and UMTS), DECT, WLAN installations. As an introduction we recommend the lecture of Wolfgang Maes, Building Biologist:
“Science - really? - Health Risks of Mobile Phone Radiation” (pdf, 103 KB)

As a general introduction into the work of many UK citizen initiatives and independent scientists we recommend the platform www.mastsanity.org

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